Hotel Lux Fátima

Your refuge in the Center of Portugal.

Lux Fátima offers you a haven for two, with family or friends, with all the conditions to feed your mind and body, give rhythm to life, making you feel alive and balanced. The hotel is, of course, located in the city of Fátima, to which it owes its name.

Although the name Fátima is strongly linked to religion, the history of its origin dates back to the 12th century, at the time of Reconquer and D. Afonso Henriques. Legend says that Gonçalo Hermingues, the “Traga-Mouros” [bring-on Moors], and a Moorish princess, named Fátima, fell in love. A passion forbidden at that time. On a night of conquests, "Traga-Mouros" [bring-on Moors] kidnapped the princess, and went with her to live in the lands, which became known as "land of Fátima" (currently Fátima).  

Start a journey through the Center of Portugal, from Fátima and discover paths and places still so little explored, full of history and culture, or simply let yourself be enchanted by the fauna and flora of the beautiful Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park through countless walking routes, nature trails, horseback riding, mountain biking, among other activities.

This city is very close to underground natural beauty spots; among the various caves, the Moeda Caves, São Mamede, the largest caves in Portugal and the Mira D’Aire Caves stand out. Without neglecting, the beautiful castle of Ourém and its medieval village that allows you to enter the medieval world, so close by!

Fátima, a place where good energy merges and intersects with nature, culture and gastronomy in the Center of Portugal.

Your commitment to good shape and well-being

In modern times and with new technologies, we do not allow ourselves to stop, feel, taste, observe, without haste.

Never before have you heard so much about concepts with the word "Slow”.

The concepts of slow living, slow food, slow travel increasingly present themselves as a philosophy of well-being for a healthier, more serene and full life.

Commit to your fitness and well-being and put your well-being first, for your physical and mental health.


A spiritual city with a prime location, Fátima is the perfect place to begin your journey across central Portugal.

Green spaces, serenity, fresh air and well-being are just some of the treasures you will discover.

Take this Lux trip, which begins in Fátima and ends wherever you want it to.

Points of Interest: The Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima; The Home of the Three Shepherd Children; The Convent of Christ (Tomar); The Monastery of Batalha; The Monastery of Alcobaça; Dinosaur Footprints (Ourém) The Castle of Almourol; Patudos House-Museum; Castelo de Bode Dam; Moeda, Mira d’Aire, Alvados, Santo António, Lapas, Almonda and Algar do Pena Caves..

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